Eudosia was a energetic woman, tough, hardworking, like it was asked back in the days to women in rural area of Galicia. Farm and domestic tasks, all day long, during a lifetime. These photos were taken in the midst of her descent to dementia. Bit by bit, fewer and fewer things were recognizable anchors of her previous life. Therefore she constantly asked to us or people around : “when are we going home ?”, “where am I going ?”.
So dementia spread its reach day after day. Enters Nahia our 9 y.o daughter. She lives with us and we live with Eudosia in her home. So, it’s basically a 9 y.o and a 99 y.o living together. Both of them at the edges of their life, of their memory. Both clinging to their identity, one building her own. The other one, asking around where is it gone.

We claim our identity all the more when it is fading away, or if it is yet to be defined, driven by this seminal question : “who am I” ?

A question that never goes away.

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