giving into the love

life is so beautiful oh my god… how much i love you… all your gestures, the caresses and the strikes… everything is protection and careful, everything is meaning and that meaning is only love… i love the love you show us in the streets, in the sky, in the people, in the denial, in the oblivion, i love the love on the skin on the voice, i can hear it , i can see it, i can feel it… i just need to come down to my bones to feel it inside vibrating like a eternal melody inside my marrow… under my blindness there is this clarity, i feel your hug god, i feel your smile under the clouds and the storms and the dust, i feel your open heart giving giving giving no matter what giving

and sometimes i put you a name, and sometimes i put you a face… and sometimes i live with you inside silently saying yes to everything i say… and all those contradictions and doubts… you dont mind, you see behind… you inhabit my tender heart… you know the seed you put there when i didnt have noone to cry about… and now that im so rich, rich of love, abundant of tenderness, and now that i dont doubt even if the mirrors are distorted and i see this beauty… omnipresent… and now that i can count on me and that with a few breathings i can come back to you and your peace and your joy and your strength and i can be minimalist and centered yet not selfcentered and stoic and all those things

so i just wanted to say thank you… this letter to you out loud, these words to your root in me and in everything around… i love you i feel you im learning to forgive everything because nothing can touch us right? nothing cant touch this love… eternal impervious essential sustaining… this love that you are teaching me… little by little… that im drinking of little by little in the leaves of grass drops of dew

this love the treasure… the only light… everyone is seeking out… reading, listening, watching, meeting… is right here right now every second every hour every day every month every year every eon …

no fear no pain no hurt

none of that really exist

only you pure being exist and im part of you… all of we are…

i love you i love you i love you oh god, krishna, vishnu… shiva… i love you

and all the other loves are just pieces of pieces of you

all the other lovers are reminders of you

all the other attempts quests deceptions redemptions are just a facade of your ever blooming beautiful lotus face

im so in awww… im so in love… im an open wound happy to be broken, happy to be open… open me

open me again and again and again open me forever and ever till im only wide open arms heart open chest open eyes open mouth… let me perceive your grace in everything including myself

let me choke let me bath let me breath your happiness…

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