• 291/365

    Being ok with being alone all by yourself, naked of any technology. How anything at all is possible without that ?

  • 290/365

    Would you see the world outside of your blind spot if you could ?

  • 289/365

    By default, always answer yes to a child asking you to come to see something that he or she has made, because a surprise can be right around the corner.

  • 288/365

    In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

  • 287/365

    At the back of furious anger, there’s incredible peace; side by side with chaos, harmony.

  • 286/365

    The ocean looked like a tumultuous milk bath with an invisible horizon. Drops of salt water shone through a golden haze of sun, air and miracles

  • 285/365

    Today, I realized there isn’t a good translation in French or Spanish for the English word ¨aliveness¨.

  • glory box

    more important than what may happen more important that what i can get, experience, obtain, enjoy, perceive… etc   it is what i am and how i sustain myself in the process… how i position myself in the whole process a woman i just want to be a woman i just want to dance like a…