more important than what may happen

more important that what i can get, experience, obtain, enjoy, perceive… etc   it is what i am and how i sustain myself in the process… how i position myself in the whole process

a woman

i just want to be a woman

i just want to dance like a woman

feel like a woman

act like a woman

be treated and approached as a woman

move like a woman

talk like a woman

indulge in the delicious passivity/receptivity of being a woman

me a woman

in the internal silent quest of true feminity forgotten and hidden deep within… letting go of fears and apprehensions trying to catch things hold on to things people circumstances dramas excitements… nothing outside can determine underline or overpass the reality inside

a woman can only want a man precisely to make her feel like a woman … because we get addicted to that feeling of soft loving sensual healing nurturing nature, endless source of beauty and joy like milk pouring of our breast .. we love being a spring of love and life … and when finally we realise that we dont need a man for being that… we dont need new clothes, hot make up, expensive products and gagets to be a woman… we just have to/need to go deeper into our understanding of our own nature and the application of our own dharma… we dont need tools to be who we are… we just need to understand that the truth of who we are can only be expressed and applied by the best thoughts, the best words,and the best actions we can choose and pick for every given moment … independently of any external element



hugs and kisses

sweet tender joy

sometimes we dissociate from ourselves adopting roles predetermined like assuming models and behaviours learnt from terrible role models that didnt have a clue from what they were doing… mothers parenting like a bipolar pole… oscillating and doubting herself… like an unstable male… falling into the easy get things done approach, getting results reaching goals manipulating our partner our children our lives to look like perfect pictures in a magazine, customizing outside, selfish ambition inside

but no… thats not who i wanna be

i wanna be a mama woman

i wanna be venus mama for my venus daughter

i wanna be a venus lover for the world and the supreme lover or an hypothetical lover

soft delicate sensitive intrinsic patient inner receptive open wet loving caring tender drops of love in a cave aroma of peace in a mist of rich precious moments…every moment eternally

when someone makes you feel good and attractive is precisely because they remind you of your true only goal, greater purpose, inherent nature, firm disposition to be lovable, to be loving, playfully loving, light and delightfully loving… breathing love from every cell and pore… not grasping just standing proud in that humble not doing but being attitude… like a mountain… like a breast… staying inside that contention, remaining in the body of a woman… the true paradise


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