1 h legs up before the class last night

i owe one hour yet, but ill do it during the day

i wanted to write right now because i feel so inspired, so in love… with life. Before i was always in a dissatisfaction mode, finding the black dot on the white wall… now i have learnt, i am still learning, how to see the white wall… beautifully in a shiny iridiscent light, rainbow prisms in every white wall, in every brick wall. i see the love, i feel the love. Crumbs are good enough for me to chew on for a whole century, mainly because they are everywhere, they grow on tress, on grass, they fall on you with the soft kiss of rain. before it was never enough, me and others, never enough. i was always deceived by reality. now i can see the greatness of the little gestures, all those little treasures, unlimited tiny miracles contantly happening, i see the beauty in the slowness of the process too, i see the training, i see the light, i see the joy

i feel so grateful right now i could extend my arms as long as mr. tickles to hug more than 10,000 km around, to embrace everything that comes my way

i love numbers even if i dont like logic or maths: my identification number in spain sumes 33, my birth date does kind of a 33 shape, nahia had 33 teeth, we took that one out and we kept it in her treasure box for good luck, one of the most important persons in my life right now has 33 as destiny number… today is the 33 day of this new promising year and today i received the most beautiful and clear map and plan about how to move foward

such a perfect design. a lovely drawing by a loving hand, magic cartography

i feel i am born to a new world, a new era ari

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