2h everyday 2 days in and last day out (jumping again in the trampoline)

i understood one thing: that i need to be out, i need the sky open over my head, i need the wind, i need the rain, i need the cold, i need the dark night, i need the stars over my head… to feel vishnu all around… and i know that inside i can concentrate more in the body sensations… but that in itself is not enough if is not connected to the supreme life force, divine conciousness

nahia was at home the last 3 days sick, and still i manage to keep my rythm… that’s great. but i didnt manage to find the strenght in me to begin what i say a million times i was going to begin, what i swear i was going to begin… my wild food project. and i dont want to be too hard on myself, i just want to pour enough love into myself as a vessel, as a form of conciousness… till is self evident and more than natural to actually realize all those glorious things.

the stream of today was brilliant, it was really cute to see how everyone is missing the daily streams in their own way, it’s a beautiful community with such a distinct individualities shown just by tiny comments on a chat. im so lucky to be part of it, i feel so blessed to have witness its growth around our teacher. all the sleepless nights are worth it for this glimpse of paradise.

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