yesterday 1h walking weird with Nahia in Baldaio, lowering the body like groucho marx (he was my favorite of the three) and stretching the step for more effort. Later before to sleep 1 h legs in bed

this morning 2h dancing and moving under the rain sometimes all throughout the garden

More and more i found myself during the day, needing to stretch, to move, to shake my body… right now i feel my legs and thighs that is already a nice sensation. i want to begin to do more things with my arms too. another curious thing is when im moving i dont feel cold at all, even when im showering outside (what i do since more than two years now) i dont feel cold!, even with strong wind and all… but once i stop moving, paralizing cold… Like movement creates a kind of inercia to push you to keep moving… im going to set the hourly alarm to do something physical every hour, something fast like kicking till my breath gets faster. Another idea for the weekend is to try to do a kind of speed cleaning, i hate home chords in general… but with this idea it can even be kind of fun to clean the floor!

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