in astrology we see the 7th house as the house of the Other and death

but actually we know that the sun doesnt die after the sunset, the sun doesnt disappear when it passes the threshold of the horizon… it simply changes its plane of existence, from visible to invisible

when we encounter another and we create a kind of relationship with them we tend to see them as opposites to us, different to us… for this there is this sense of death associated to partnerships, the 7th house is what is not me, what’s in front of me … but why the distance? because distance is what we need to see clearly, we can perceive things as they are when we detach from them

But if we go a little deeper, we can realize that the sun (the soul) is the same all through the different houses, from rising (1st H) to sunset (7th H) all through the different aspects of reality, under or over the horizon… therefore the opportunity of an encounter with an-other is always an exquisite opportunity to realize aspects of ourselves that we didnt recognize as part of us… we meet another precisely to face this lost pieces and to incorporate them as something to be love, cherished, something that we need…

We can even go beyond this dynamic of duality understanding that these elements that appear to be opposite to me and my own nature, are actually me too, we need the reflection in the mirror of another to see them inside me, as a part of me… and the opposition is only a mirage, and the apparently contradictory elements coexist simultaneously and in harmony (libra, the two sides of the scale counterbalance in weight and meaning, opposites sustain each other)

so when we meet, relate, love, clash with another we can always remember that:

what i see in you is me too, you represent the parts of me that i didnt acknowledge or consider as my own… how i relate to you represents how i relate to these parts of myself and thanks to you i can now understand you are me too… i discover unknown ramifications of my soul in you… and thanks to the love i feel towards you i can erase the apparent divisions, fragmentations and separations… and finally get that all those polarities are actually a unity and a whole, the same soul, the same supersoul

practice and exercise: try to write down the main characteristics of your most triggering relationships to unfold the message of the universe about your true self and to reveal your soul, use evocative and poetic language to describe the good and the bad of that person/s and then assimilate all these traits as part of yourself, the more you dare to dig in, the more jewels you’ll find for exploration and revelation, dare you go!


person A: play+fun+ pleasure+ moving+ chaos+ change+ youth +fresh + dependent + social butterfly hermit + passive + complain + critic + hidden + energizing + free + unreliable + unpractical + disturbing + attraction + pull beyond of reasoning and rationality pros and cons + polemic + twisted + contradictory + too mental not physical + ambiguous + androgynous

person B: work+ serious+ duty+ unmovable+ order+ stable+ mature+ old+ independent + very private in a community + active + enduring + critic + complain+ public + tiredness + bound + reliable + practical + traditional + refusal + rational+ polemic + clarity + trajectory + too intellectual not sensual + clear cut + masculine vs feminine

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