In my chart there is this kalpadruma thing that means wishing tree, i can reach whatever i set my mind too. So the teacher said that i have to set my mind in big goals, big ambitions, glorious things. So all these months i was thinking about what are my goals for the rest of my life, and it seemed to me like my wishes all dried out. I had big ambitions when i was young: to do something important, to have some impact, to change the world for better… then travelling being an artist connecting with people. Or more hedonist goals: to live in a tropical island with the love of my life (romantic love is trully a great obsesion of mine). Or even more down to earth aplicable goals: being able to study with my teacher and founding others that want to study with him too. Nice ideas. But eveything seems like faded and my will just crumbles when i try to reach any of these goals… like they are fake in someway to my soul

So i have come to one realization these last days: the only thing i really really really want and have to do in this life time is to be a GOOD MUM for my daughter, to be the best mum i can posibly be for her. This is the only thing worth striving for. A good mum:

-emotionally: wise, gentle, tender… inspiring her by sweetness and laughter more than guiding her through words and concepts

-physically: full of vitality, joy and self confidence to go for a swim, a run, a hike with her. to explore nature and life together

-materially, to be able to provide for her all her material needs and to make her feel safe and well cared for.

But mainly i want to be an example of love, unconditional love for live/god, even when the things dont go our way… specially when the things happening go against us… to take it all as a gift, an opportunity and a treasure to be praised. So this is my Big Goal till 2033, BEING THE BEST MUM FOR NAHIA, being her samurai mama ;-).

When i began some months ago the path of the body somethings were missing. Now i have all the elements. the plan is completed. i just have to realize it. I needed to root all the efforts into a goal, check! … but also i needed the support of a spiritual tool and now i found it. I have learn by heart the Shiva song in english (which already is having a great effect on me in many ways) and my plan is to learn it in sanskrit too, one verse by week for the next 33 weeks what will lead to the end of the year. Working with this recitation in sanskrit, i can anchor my thoughts into the rythm of the spiritual truths in sync with the physical movement and efforts. So this is what’s gonna happen from 19 april 2021:

  1. i’ll learn one verse per week of the Rudra Gita
  2. i’ll drink only wild green juice 12h/18h
  3. i will exercise: every hour 10 min + 2h dance every night
  4. i will take everyday a cold water shower+ a sea swim
  5. i will do my house chords as athletic cleaning
  6. i will sing a kirtan everyday
  7. all while filming it as an offering (sharing it, showing it) afterwards

ta da!

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