Beautiful Rudra said: 
Your auspiciousness conquers all
 bringing supreme auspiciousness to those who know themselves
 You are the Beloved Lover 
The self of all, Namah 

Vasudevaya Namah 
the lotus from your navel is the true self of every object in every sense
 for you are consciousness 
yet ever peaceful, self contained and self delighted

 though beyond beginning or end 
you integrate and dissintegrate the essence of all things
you are the inner self
the means by which we perceive things 

you are the true form of the mind, the master sense 
(sentience, ambition, intellect)
respect to the “greatest swan” who is completely 
self-maintained and completely maintains everyone

 you are the ultimate sun
 nourrishing and maintaining all beings
 you always purify everything with your mighty golden glow 
you are the thread from which the 4 ceremonies are woven into cloth 
thus you are the gateway to heaven and liberation 

you are the ultimate moon
 the true essence of flavor 
quenching the thirst of all beings
 the maintainer of the fertil triplicity: 
fluidity, viscosity and reproductive fluid 

you are the ultimate earth
 the essence of all solid forms 
by which things can be differenciated
 you are the ultimate air 
the joiner of earth to space
 inlivener of intellectual, emotional and physical strength

 you are the ultimate space
 the essence at the inside and outside of everything
 the most subtle of the physical elements that gives shape to meaning
 by a special light wave (sound) 

you are the ability to achieve good results by positive and negative action 
and you are the ability also to achieve sadness and death 
which dissuade us from disintegral deeds
(by both we learn what is dharma and adharma) 

namaste to the master and essence of supreme fulfillment of deeds and desires 
namaste to the realest of the real 
to krishna, the original person
 whose heart is never troubled because he is the master of knowledge and its in-action

 namaste to you who nourrish the three energies that manifest the self's individuality
 you are the true form of all the words and objects that excite the mind

 i want to see you the way your beloved see you
please show me that beauty
that delights and sooths all the senses
of your most intimate and beloved friends

your complexion glistens like a thick black cloud
full of water from the ocean of all beauty
and about to burst in a downpour of affection
your arms elegantly extend to the four directions
and your face is like the center
of a delightful noble lotus flower
your beautiful eyes, eyebrows, nose, teeth, forehead and ears
 are like the broad petals of that lotus all well ornamented

from behind beautiful curls of hair
loving glances peak out
cloth and earings sparkle like glistening lotus saffron
you are enriched with the finest accesories:
a crown, bracelets, necklaces of flowers and pearls, anklets, belts
and a conch, a disc, a club and a lotus 

these accessories glitter on your wide lion like shoulders
while the kaustubha gem graces your neck
and on the chest there is a streak left by the goddess of beauty

your abdomen is flat and wide
like a banyan leaf
with lines that move when you breath
your navel twirls so deep that the universe seems to fall back into it

your black hips are excesively delightful
with golden belt and cloth
your delicate feet, calves, knees and thighs are a joy to behold

your feet are like the autumn lotus
the toes of your feet are like the petal of the flower
and the gloss from the shine of your toe nails
disperses our inner darkness
raise your heel to show us the sole of your foot
which destroys all the worries of we, darkness dwellers

if you want to realize your pure self and attain your true nature
devotedly meditate on this form
which bestows certainty

the gods wish for it
the self knowers strive to become one with it
but only the power of love can achieve it

this is why even the greatest people
strive for such love, even though is so rare
who would desire anything else
or any sense of love not rooted in you

time is so powerful and forceful
that it destroys everything
with less effort than it takes to flick an eyebrow
but time looses all confidence when it comes to this pure love

neither paradise nor even liberation from rebirth
can compare to the value of being
truly close to one who is truly close to the all attractive (even just an instant)
there is simply no highter ambition for any mortal

so please grant us the affection of intimate connection
to those whose sympathetic hearts and deeds are pure inside and out
washed in the sacred waters of their impecable attraction to your inmaculate feet

the completely pure hearts of such people
are not motivated for any extrinsic profit
nor they bore to sleep
they are thrilled to be gratified and favoured by love itself
which certainly pulls you into their contemplative perceptions

you are brahman the supreme light
everything that exist is an expression of it
and thus it shines within everything
it is similar to space
of which every physical thing is an expression and embodiment

brahman which is consciousness itself
is unchanging and unalterable
yet is the power from which multitude of changing forms pour forth, are sustained and are dissolved
these forms can confuse and fragment our identities
or they can stablish and express it
i want to comprehend all these forms in relation to you Bhagavam
and stablish my identity in that way

those who are wise and expert
have techniques and conceptions that allow them to utilize
the things manifest by brahman
physical things and the internal and external tools for interacting with them
as indirect forms of you
 thus they can whole heartedly and expertly engage with you
through their actions and thoughts in a wonderful way that yields the perfection i seek

you are the original conscious being
and your singular inherent latent power splits
into three kinetic energies
perceptivity (satva), motivation (rajas) and solidity (tamas)
these interact to produce awareness and identity
which produce space, air, fire, water and earth
which are the bases for the bodies of the living creatures like us and sages
who shape the universe into what it has become

when your power creates the potential for such life forms
then fractions of you permeate them
and come to know themselves as citizens in four types of cities
enjoing their faculties as a bee enjoys honey

they do not perceive you at all
but can guess that you exist
because some great power beyond their control undoes everything that they do
like clouds in the wind
as a result of a destiny acquired by one living being living at the expense of another

they are completly enthralled and obssessed
with thoughts of how they can fulfill their umbriedled greed and desire 
for objects of enjoyment
you, unaffected by such things put an end to their madness 
like a snake grabbing a mouse (licking its lips)
time grabs us all of the sudden

since disregarding you causes such destruction
what educated person would avoid respecting your lotus feet
my guru worshipped you having no doubt about this
the 14 manus do this without hesitation

in conclusion, the whole universe is terrified of the destruction
 that i , rudra am responsible for
so the smartest thing we can do 
is seek fearlessness in YOU
who is consciousness itself brahman
and the supreme person paramatma

Srimad Bhagavatam 4.24.33-68 (translation by Vic Dicara)


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