i wake up at 7 am since some days now, so i got up by myself before the alarm sounded. i went out to jump on the trampoline during 2h. It was completely dark when i started, but at some moments the clouds opened and let appear the waning moon, i could see a beautiful rainbow halo around it: red outside, yellow greenish inside. It rained a little bit, my feet got wet and cold. i saw the day coming.

the empty branches of the trees called my attention against the sky and the clouds, that seem specially closer this morning. Because i have begun unofficially somedays ago, i begin to feel my muscles, i dont try to do too much yet… im just trying to get use to the movement and the effort. for the moment, i entertain my mind listening to videos of vic dicara, in an interview with him, michael reed said: the universe is your soulmate. During the last 15 minutes, i sang a little namakirtan… hare krishna hare rama… some birds joined me. i jumped more playfully towards the end, it was fun.

When i came to the house i noticed a painful pimple in my cheek: happy new year! having almost no acne when you are teenager and to have it when you are 43 is really weird… and then i realized that yesterday we ate pizza with cheese… i was vegan in my 20s but then i let go in my 30s and anyway it was no for the same reasons. Bhagavatam, The Book!, put me on the right track again… and then we saw Dominion the documentary…. an horror movie, i had nightmares several days. we are humans, so sooner or later we forget or we want to forget…

but my saturn in the first house is completely merciless: you know what they do to the cows in those factories, no exceptions. Duly noted. anyway, i guess, this pimple is my soulmate too. much love

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