2h walking with nahia in the channel of Baldaio’s Ria, magnificent today with a grey sun almost hidden under the clouds

i began to practice the method of 10′ every hour (today i did in total 30′), and it’s perfect, i mean… till i have stuff to do that can not be postponed or that make me forget the hourly alarm… but for the most part it feels great, stopping normal rutines and duties to do something physical like kicking, or swinging in push up position… you can go more intense because you know is not for long, so the idea doesnt exhaust you already 😅 and it let you feeling really energetic and pumped up because you have done something, you feel your body, your vital force, your breath in and out… as a kind of fast tapas kirtan… is all good.

But today in general i was feeling like super super happy for no reason, just being just existing, everything seem stunning and magic, in my morning meditation i reached this point where i almost could feel this cushion like base of my soul, asraya , it felt so cozy and warm and beating… alive. nothing else is needed. but maybe is simply because i am sleeping so much better… at some moment during the night, i opened my eyes… and over the vision of my dreams i saw stars on my wall…

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