I’m 43 years old

I have never paid attention to my body, I have never listened to my body, I never truly cared about my body, I have never systematically exercised

It was way easier to forget about my body, it was more convenient to use my body, or misuse my body, to pass over it like a tank marching on flowers

I was too busy feeling, reading, learning, thinking, hurting, traveling, falling in love, unfalling out of love

I was too busy with the world around me: searching my place, seeking for answers, praying for that thing, that savior that could take me out of this misery of being me and not knowing how to be me

years pass like bursting flames… and the only way out, or in, is to get back to this body, to dive into it, to truly experience it from within, fully conscious, to explore every inch of this landscape of flesh and bones and pumping blood, to discover finally what it feels how it feels… this body, the only door left

So be it.

From now on, everyday I will be exercising, moving, shaking, stretching, sweating, pushing, pulling, crawling… i will begin working with my body 2h per day, and hopefully by the end of the year it will be much more than the double. This is the journey, I don’t have a clue of what I’ll find out, but I know it will be more than matter, because everything EVERYTHING IS DEEP

photo by Mehdi

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