2h dancing in the garden, everything was covered in frost, the candle i lighted yesterday at the temple during my vrata ceremony was still on, it accompanied me in the dark and hari too. i cried dancing love is paradise, really emotional to hear it again now, how much things have changed it’s amazing!

to compensate the two missing days, yesterday i did almost 2 h more of slow exercise in the afternoon, really it’s what i like the most, meditation in the body, keeping the positions, feeling the muscles tension and extension, and the conexion with nature, hearing the birds, feeling the sun on my skin, i took my trousers of, it was not cold at all, abuela was more or less quiet, i watched the little flowers, light purple blue, a tiny tiny snail crossed over my feet and as my skin was cold i almost didnt feel it, i just saw it, i talked to him, he/she looked at me with the tiny dots of his eyes… it was really a cute encounter. i love those moments

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