tonight i woke up like around 4 am… but it was ok because i entered in a super meditation: i repeated the word AMOR AMOR AMOR AMOR AMOR AMOR AMOR… till i got drunk, almost in trance. When i went to the trampoline this morning i continued feeling love in and out of my body, like when i was pregnant and i felt like chosen and full filled by love… inside and outside everything is love.

It rained strongly but i was hot and cheerful under the rain, rain is love too, inconvinience does not need to be tolerated… it needs to be loved, embraced with a mama bear hug, and a lot of passion and devotion… If god is at the root of everything that exists, better love the hell out of every little thing including yourself. Love the love (that is god). do not think the love, feel the love, it vibrates, it giggles, it smiles, sparkles, moves and sounds like a stream under the skin, over the skin, felt with the senses and beyond senses… it´s precious, delicious, unraveling, blooming, crack opening … it´s the rapture of the soul by the whole, love is the phrase and the meaning, love is all there is.

today i saw that bird again, huge, planning over my head, smooth. this afternoon i will do the half hour that i owe, we have to clean the house now. sunday’s visitors. I’ll do some punches later, it’s being a while…

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