so i miss 2 days for lack of sleep and the other 2 i did the 2 hours of exercise. it’s being hard to pull back the energy, it was too high to sleep, i need to addapt to the fact that most of the nights i can not sleep more than 4 hours, maybe is the fault of the streams, maybe it was already like that… i cant remember… i dont know, what i know is that i would like to stick to it…it is important for me to be part of that virtual community, even if i do the ridiculus, even if i dont know how to behave, if i feel awkward, even if it kills me to not understand nothing sometimes about how people works… to go against to go with… … but dancing today i understood that there is love in the caos too, there is love in the mess, there is only love, anyway… and for this i wanted to stay, because these classes remind me of that, and they are alive lessons that test me in every possible way, with my infatuation and selfcenterness. so i dont know we will see. it’s like a tetris… i need to find the right way in wich everything fits

in another order of things, today i have decided that i will begin my vratas, my vows to the supreme. once i let the paper on the temple im in… today is the day

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