2h yesterday mainly legs in the night

1h today dancing in the wind + 1h abdominals+legs

i wrote a poem 2 days ago that i like because it express how i feel when im high on bhakti

unleash the love

unleash that beast

all of your stormy heart

devouring evils and means

slide slide under

there is no place where you can not go if you set free all that heart of yours

low low

play. no need for win

i can take in all of world’s pain

all of your angryness all your distress

that’s just wind to me

the eye of the cyclone standstill

rose petals fall from my sky

thunders embrace you with electric hug

im not the enemy

will never be

my submission is my supreme force

my acceptance is my free fall fall fall

hari always catches me after it all

im not afraid anymore

can’t touch me

your knives and blades only caress my tender skin

im so soft that you can not smush me

with all this love i can turn your black into gold

i can turn your dust into the seed of growth

i can make your cage of NOES open her legs like a whore

because everybody needs love

everybody breaths love

everybody eats love

every word sais love

every silence sings love

full of love only love hungry to give love nothing to take love

mood swings wars plagues dawn

thats allright with me because i got the love. i got that bug

im here to turn your life upside down

im here to turn on that light because i can see in your total dark

open and open eye opener

i offer my pearls to the wastes of time

burn that fire

let it ride

explosive love granade hot and heavy in your hands

own me own it

love destroy me

love restore me

back in the jungle under that banian tree

love is all that will ever be

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